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Handgeknüpftes Hundehalsband mit Lederdetails


This dog collar combines hand-knotted cotton with Italian cowhide leather to create a unique accessory for your beloved four-legged friend. Every knot and every centimetre of the leather has been crafted with the utmost care to ensure comfort and quality. The brass accessories add extra elegance to the collar. The fine brass plaque with logo allows you to make this collar a personal piece of jewellery by engraving it individually. Treat your dog to the best and enjoy stylish walks. The VENEZIA dog collar is combined with the BIELLA dog lead.


Produktion: Deutschland; traditionell und nachhaltig, aufwändige Handarbeit



Leder: Rindsnappa

Metallverschlüsse: Messing

Pflege & Reinigung

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XS: 29-33 cm
  • XS: 29-33 cm
  • S/M: 32-36 cm
Braun / Grau
  • Braun / Grau
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