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A horse girth covers is an element of equestrian harness designed to secure the saddle. It is very important that the girth is made of elastic and stretchable materials. This is due to the fact that during fast movements the horse’s chest is actively expanding and in order for the saddle to be firmly fixed and not slipping, the girth must increase and contract following the animal’s chest. It is important to keep the girth clean and dry as a dirty girth will rub and injure the horse’s skin, which will definitely affect its behavior. Using a guard will keep your horse’s nose or neck from chafing and soreness. The Nose/ neck guard serves as a cushion between the horse’s skin and the bridle or halter and makes the horse riding more comfortable for the rider and animal. To buy a girth cover or nose/ neck guard for a horse, explore the range of VALOR store. We sell products that are safe for the horse and rider. Here you will find products of all types and sizes.

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  • pure new wool girth cover OLANG


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  • pure wool felt girth cover GIRLAN VALOR GIRLAN


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  • goat suede nose guard for horse LARS


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  • wool felt girth cover with leather MALS


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  • gift Certificate Voucher


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