Stable accessoires

Horse grooming has many benefits, besides making sure your trusty horse looks right for training and competition. Taking care of your coat, ears, teeth and tail is also an important way to build trust and bond, making riding together safer and more enjoyable. It is also a reliable way to improve your horse’s health in the long term. Regular brushing, polishing, and combing the mane will allow you to better understand your horse’s body and will make it much easier to spot problem areas early. For example, regular grooming will reduce the chances of developing oral candidiasis and skin problems, and brushing your horse will reduce irritation from dried sweat and stuck-on dirt. At VALOR we offer everything you may need to maintain the appearance of a winner. Among our assortment you will also find shampoo, conditioner and horse coverlet. To keep all your tools and grooming products tidy and easy to transport, we offer an exclusive storage box for your horse grooming equipment.

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