Personalised horse rugs

Crafted for character with personalised embroidery

The design of our horse rugs hugs the horse’s body perfectly thanks to the individual tailoring and was specially developed in the VALOR atelier. The cozy, body-flattering fit paired with the unique temperature-regulating properties of this natural material and the elegant chest closure ensure a comfortable fit and the aesthetically sophisticated look of these pure virgin wool rugs.

Step 1

Choose your product and colour variant

Begin by selecting your desired horse rug from our collection. Explore the colour variants available to match your taste and complement your horse's elegance. The following products can be personalised:





The product can be chosen in the PDF form you can download in step 3.

Step 2

Choose a font from our variants

Express your individuality by choosing a font that resonates with your style. Select from our range of font variants to add a distinctive touch to your horse rug.

The font can be chosen in the PDF form you can download in step 3.

You have an individual idea or logo? Please provide it to us using the contact information in step 4.

Step 3

Provide us with measurements

Ensure a perfect fit by giving us the measurements required for your horse rug. This step guarantees not only a stylish accessory but also one that fits seamlessly.

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Step 4

Submit your request

Once you've made all your selections and filled out the form, send us all the information for your offer. Our dedicated team will review your customisation preferences and reach out to you promptly with further details, ensuring a smooth and personalised experience.

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