Materials & Production

Deeply rooted equestrian understanding paired with the finest materials

Manifattura VALOR is a manufactury for exquisite equestrian sport goods made of natural and sustainable materials.

Pure virgin wool

The experience of the luxury of Nature's Finest. Our wool products redefine coziness and performance and let you and your four legged friends immerse in the unparalleled softness of natural wool, offering superior insulation and breathability. Embracing the temperature-regulating magic of this remarkable material, our traditional pure virgin wool keeps the body warm in winter and cool in summer. With inherent moisture-wicking properties, Manifattura VALOR products ensure to stay dry and comfortable in every adventure of horse’s, dogs and humans. Elevate your experience with the timeless elegance and functional excellence of pure virgin wool – where comfort meets sophistication.

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Watch this video to see how our finest pure new wool fabrics are woven by hand.

Finest pure virgin wool felt

The characteristics of pure virgin wool are also found in the felts of our saddle pads.

The pure virgin wool felts produced by Manifattura VALOR are created on over one hundred-year-old machines and are free from synthetic additives, which is difficult to find these days.

This complex process ensures a careful, heartfelt processing of materials and shows how Manifattura VALOR stands apart from all others.

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Depending use of a portion of a product, the different types of leather are specifically selected and their purpose incorporated appropriately.


Deerskin has a very soft and supple surface. On the body, is very smooth and has a pleasant feel with a high level of breathability. The exclusive look of the leather surface compliments to the high standard of our products.

Cowhide, calfskin and goatskin suede are selected according to the highest quality and standards and offer as required, the optimum properties for a product of Manifattura VALOR.

Care & Cleaning

If you follow the following care instructions, your products should preserve their natural functions over time and evolve their own individual charm through usage.

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