UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

VALOR is the only equestrian manufactury in the world obtaining the wool exclusively from small sheep herds which undergo their annual transhumance.

This unique and untouched transhumance is a seasonal voyage included in the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. With every saddle pad and rug we are proud to support these century old traditions and preserving them for generations to come. The sheep drive is an old and still living tradition. It is the only sheep drive in the world that crosses a glacier and a national border at the same time.

Nomadic sheep farming contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and biotope cross-linking by transporting animal and plant species from one grazing area to the next and by the sheep's claws and wool.

Since centuries, nomadic and herding sheep farming is practiced.

The custom still plays a decisive role in the preservation of the natural and cultural landscapes today. The relevant knowledge and skills are communicated through professional training and further education.

In nomadic sheep farming, flocks of sheep, led by their shepherds, follow the available forage in seasonal and local circles between summer, fall and winter pastures. In winter, the animals are usually herded together for a short time and brought into stables. Summer pastures are often particularly sparse pastures that can hardly be used for other agricultural purposes. In agricultural areas, the fall pastures are often on the way to the winter pastures or from the summer pastures. The sheep that supply the wool for VALOR products have to cover up to 44 km in two days on the way to their summer pastures. This is the only transhumance that crosses a glacier and a national border and is also one of the oldest and most spectacular drives.