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Half pad without back seam


This half pad is made from 100 % pure, natural wool felt with calf nappa trimmings and provides unique comfort through its seamless back curve and its lack of further quilting seams. The alignment to the spinal curve of the horse, via mechanical forming ensures a perfect fit. The material is more heavily compressed than other pads and thus optimizes the distribution of pressure.


Production: Traditionally and sustainably in Italy and Germany


Exterior layer: Felt from 100% pure new wool

Trimmings: Naturally tanned calf leather

Material Properties

The natural and highly versatile material has delivered optimal performance as a horse friendly saddle pad for hundreds of years and was converted into its extravagant look in the VALOR studios.

The saddle pad is free from chemical colourants and detergents. It is extremely breathable and thermo-managing, and thus helps to prevent muscle and skin problems as well as heat accumulation.
It is antistatic, odor resisting, and durable. Finally, it provides optimal shock absorbance for a horse-friendly, comfortable and enjoyable experience, and thus ensures a relaxed back even after strenuous training. We recommend using this pad in combination with a saddle pad.


Not machine-washable. Please note the care instructions on the paper tag and our General Product Informations.

Made To Measure
Colour & Thickness
Natural white (ca.10mm)/Blue leather
  • Natural white (ca.10mm)/Blue leather
  • Natural white (ca.10mm)/Celeste leather
  • Natural white (ca.10mm)/Cognac leather
  • Natural white (ca. 8mm)/Black leather
  • Natural white (ca. 8mm)/Brown leather
  • Silvergrey (ca.10mm)/Blue leather
  • Silvergrey (ca.10mm)/Celeste leather
  • Silvergrey (ca.10mm)/Cognac leather
  • Silvergrey (ca. 8mm)/Black leather
  • Silvergrey (ca. 8mm)/Brown leather
Dressage BL: 56 cm H: 29 cm
  • Dressage BL: 56 cm H: 29 cm
  • Show jumping BL: 51 cm x H: 29 cm
  • Dressage BL: 59 cm x H: 29 cm
  • Islandic BL: 51 cm x H: 24 cm
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